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Lone Worker Monitoring Software

Our lone worker monitoring software is designed to report on how your lone workers interact with your chosen safety solution.

Real-time and historical data can be viewed from desktop or mobile enabling you to monitor device usage and encourage best practice. Peoplesafe’s Client Administration web portal is compatible with all of our safety apps and devices. Lone worker monitoring has never been so easy.

Features and benefits of the portal include…

Real-Time Information

Real Time Updates

The portal dashboard provides a real time overview of your account. It provides graphical and statistical representation, customisable in a number of ways.
Faster Reporting

Faster Reporting

Select from a variety of predefined reports or custom build your own. The portal's powerful reporting enables you to easily export information such as non-usage or Red Alerts.
GPS Location

GPS Location

Pinpoint employee location using GPS. A map provides a visual representation of where your lone worker are and their current status.
Staff Profiles

Staff Profiles

Information can be added and edited by system administrators or managers. The portal also keeps an activity log of changes for audit purposes.

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All Encompassing

The client administration web portal is cloud-based and can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. Users can make changes to the system, and any updates made to employee profiles are automatically visible to our team and the Alarm Receiving Centre. Users can also access more in depth reports, helping to monitor and promote device usage.

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Device Integration

Peoplesafe's client portal works with all of our personal safety devices. So it doesn’t matter whether you have a mixture of devices or want to switch to a different product.

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